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8 Problems Every Sax Player Knows


The Spit Issue

Ok, I know its pretty grim. Upending your horn every 20 minutes or so to clear the little pool that collects at the bottom is just not nice. Just keep telling everyone its 'condensation' and we'll all be fine!

Sax is a Cool Instrument

The saxophone is a brilliant instrument. Versatile and rewarding. Lyrical and powerful. And above all its cool! This seems all well and good until people have an unfounded expectation that playing the saxophone makes you cool. It doesn't. Raving about melodic minor scales and the difference between your Otto Link and your medium chamber Meyer is definitely not cool. It just isn't!

Getting Things Stuck in Your Horn

Stop it! I know what your thinking! I don't mean it in the filthy in the 'American Pie' sense. I'm talking about the minor fury that occurs when reeds and cleaning gear end up rattling around in your instrument for an inordinate period of time. Amusing as this may seem it is rather frustrating


Everyone knows sax players can't play in tune. Even sax players. Sorry world, deal with it!

'Hey, Nice Trumpet Man!'

You've dedicated years of your life mastering this beautiful instrument. You're sharing your hard-won talent with the world and all you get in return is some chump yelling erroneous drivel! The least you could do is get it right! Seriously, what is your problem people?! Did you learn nothing in school!

Getting Asked to Play Careless Whisper I used to like this tune. Honestly, I did! And that sexy sax man video too! (if you haven't seen it click here). Now I just hear it all in my nightmares!

As soon as someone sees you with a sax it's all, “Play that tune!” “Yeah do the sax thing, Doo Doo-doo-doo, Doo-doo-dooooo”. Go to hell!

People Demanding Baker Street Seriously? Are people not bored of this already? And they don't just want it once. Oh no! That would be too easy!

'Sweet Trombone Dude!' Go play in traffic. I'm not kidding.

#problems #Sax #humour

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