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Review: Mooer Audio Pitch Box

Review: Mooer Audio Pitch Box
Its freezing outside, The New Year has arrived in frozen splendour. I've just returned from a gig at 4am . Having sufficiently warmed myself I feel like it's time to tell the world about a little pedal that I've been using and I couldn't recommend to fellow saxophone players and musicians enough.

Enter Mooer Audio's 'Pitch Box'. This pale blue demon has really opened up some sonic doors in the last few months for me. It has 3 modes; 'Pitch shift', 'Harmony' and 'Detune'.

The 'pitch shift' function is pretty fun, and has proved useful – you can move your pitch (relatively smoothly) up to 2 octaves up or down whilst maintaining a decent standard of sound quality.

The 'Detune' option creates an interesting chorus-y effect that has relatively limited usefulness for myself but is worth having a fiddle with.

It is the 'Harmony' function that really interests me though. With access to a number of harmonies above and below my sax's 'dry' signal. Stomping this pedal mid solo can really give you some serious oomph. Similarly, on ballads/ slower numbers the harmonies can give you a rich section sound. It can even be used to imitate a two horn section if you know what harmonies you're looking for.

Now seems a good time to mention that you can pick this diamond in the rough up for under £50. Not bad right?

As you can imagine it does have its weaknesses. You only have a limited spectrum of harmonies and pitch shifts, all the common intervals are there but if you were looking for something specific you may not be able to create it with this particular pedal. As well as this, you can't toggle the levels of main voice and harmony voice which hasn't bothered me personally, but it is worth noting.

So, ultimately for £50 this is one heck of a pedal. Kudos Mooer! Keep them coming! Find out more about this great bit of gear at

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